Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What LIFE is all about... ^_^

It is not all about
the clothes we wear

...not all about
the books we read

...not all about
the movies we watch

...not all about
the musics we play

...not all about
the foods we eat

...not all about
the confidence that we carry

...not all about
the knowledge that we have

...not all about
the trials that we encountered

...not all about
the money that we earn

...not all about
the fame that we gain

...not all about
the strength from within

...not all about
to proceed on our plans

...not all about
to follow our own desires

...not all about
the blessings that we receive

...not all about
the instruments of all the things

...not all about
being proud of ourselves,
or making the whole world proud

It is not all about you
not all about me
not all about us
and not all about them...

Indeed, It is all about
the LIVING behind everything,
the one who started it all,
the one who deserves to be given thanks
the one who deserves glory from earth to heaven...

For at the end of this journey,


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