Monday, October 5, 2015

Social Experiment: "I am lesbian."

What if you heard someone says,

"I am lesbian."

What would be your reactions?

Homosexuality is considered as one of the Deviant Behaviors during old times, which violate social norms especially in religious beliefs such as Christianity.
Though right now, this kind of 'behavior' is not that 'deviant' anymore nor a big deal for some others' perspectives since it is being widely recognized and accepted in our society especially in media where it shows that even their "marriage" is already being supported in some part of this world.

But what if there comes someone who is known to be involved in "religious" organizations?
What if that person is a Christian? Does it make a difference?

Disclaimer: I got no issue towards homosexuality. It is their FREE WILL to claim and express what they believe they are. Personally, my role is just to love them and not to change them because Jesus died for them too.

Going back, in my study, I talked with some people claiming that "I am a lesbian", "I had a girl friend", but I actually tried to "love" an opposite sex but it didn't work for me because of 'my heart'.
More ideas like this popped up on my head as the conversation goes on.

Various reactions came up while doing this experiment.....

Claiming to be a Christian and a Lesbian is somewhat contradicting..... in their eyes, I could clearly see.

Sadly, I feel convicted. I realized that it is not really easy to be in that position if I were really a Lesbian. I, myself, has been judged not because "I am a lesbian", but because I am a Christian at the same time.
In some circumstances, It made me feel like being in that position, I would be needing to give up one thing to submit myself fully to another thing.

Thinking that I am really into homosexuality who also wanna build a relationship with God not just in terms of religion but most especially, in terms of personal relationship, is really a very tough thing... I have figured out myself that it's really very very hard to come up with a decision... realizing that it is almost impossible to keep both.

Which one to give up?

How can I give up something that is ME??
and at the same time, how can I give up someone who makes ME worth it??

Is it myself or my Faith?
Is it myself or Christ?

This has been a trap for me....

Felt like an individual who loves two persons but doesn't wanna let go any of them... and wishing to have two hearts instead of just staring her whole world crashing down around them.

Placing myself in this scenario as really my own, is like breaking my soul...
I couldn't even decide which one to let go, and which one should I hold on to up to the very end.

And for me to relate very well, I just ended up going back to my real self.

I am a female.

But what if one day, I would also be needing to give up being a female to submit to my highest beliefs? I know in reality, I will never be needing to in this specific example. But just to relate a lot in this study, I just decided to think of myself in reality...

because in reality, there is at least one thing that we would be needing to give up; sometimes it is a habit, job, vice, relationship, and whatever you've got in your mind; and most of the time, it is actually a PART OF US that we already considered that if we would be ending up losing that part, we are not the same persons anymore.

Sometimes, it is the calling of one's soul................
to give up something real precious to fully submit to What really matters the most.

And if one day, you are about to choose... which one would you give up?



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