Friday, January 29, 2010

“Mind your own business”

Have somebody told you to mind your own business?

How does it feel when you care a lot… as in A LOT but their response will only be “I don’t need you… just mind your own business and get out of my life!!?”?

I have heard that several times since I learned to care about things… the things that I could hear, see, and feel.. those things in life that require senses for a man to witness. I cared about so many things too much’ that many people used to be irritated because maybe due to my exaggerated attention.

Every time that this thing used to happen, I keep on asking myself…

“Why do they have to push me away after all that I sacrificed just to help them have the best choice?”

It causes so much heart aches to me that I’ve been rejected a LOT every time I intend to reveal the best of others… Every time I used to heal my own wounds by healing the wounds of others… Every time, I intend to fix my own vulnerable heart by fixing the broken heart of others... Every time, I used to get them out of the path of what I've experienced; of the same dilemma that I witnessed throughout of this journey. I feel so disappointed that time for what I have expected to be my achievements have been resulted into failures. Every time I try to help them to carry their cross, they let me feel that I’m just being one of their burdens, that what I am doing is all out of sense.

Despite of what and how they considered me, in spite of what I have felt during the process of what I have chosen, what taught me to continue what I’m doing are the appreciations and recognitions of those people whom I’ve touched their lives for a moment, and yet they had took a glimpse of my worth.

Sometimes, life is being so unfair, "what you deserve is not always what you can get". But the thing is you continue to be a blessing to others by giving yourself wholeheartedly. It is not always based on what will be their reactions, it is not always how they consider you, it is not about the appreciation and the recognition but it is about doing your role as a person by touching the lives of many people and by letting them to know that you care about them, that we don't have given an own world to handle, that we are responsible for one another.

To care about others business is not always a mistake, but it is only becoming a “crime” when you bumped in to the parallel of what they call, “PRIVACY”.


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