Thursday, September 2, 2010

HATE me today, THANK me tomorrow… ♥

Hate me today that the sun goes down
that your body wants a hug
that your soul needs some love,
but then, I’m not around…

Thank me tomorrow,
that you learned to kill your emotions
when you need no heart,
when you need your mind…

Hate me today that I slapped your face
that I punched your chest,
when you showed me your toughness
when you showed me your braveness…

Thank me tomorrow
that you faced some pain
that you encountered sufferings
that now, you finally know how it feels…

Hate me today that I mind your own business (too much)
that you want to leave the house
cause you felt like in a box,
you felt like so far from home…

Thank me tomorrow,
that you have struggled for freedom,
that you will never let anyone to be “there”
for you knew exactly how it feels like HELL…

Hate me today that I’d let you feel so down,
that I threw up almost all your positive views in life,
that I almost killed your heart and mind,
that everything was said and was done so unkind…

Thank me tomorrow
that you have tasted those tears,
that you found yourself kneeling
after the ONE who saved you from DYING…

~A letter from:


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