Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"dead end"

“The ride won’t last so long, so make sure to make it worth while!”

It’s a very cold night. Suddenly, I feel so numb; I can’t even move my body… My ears feel like deaf that I can’t hear anything except of the small voices. It looks like I’m under toxicity! Then, I suddenly asked myself, “Where am I?”, “What am I doing here??” I am so afraid, I felt so unusual that time as I remember. So I decided to look for my way back home… all alone... so alone. Then till at last… I saw my parents as I went inside our house…

I knocked on the door but no one seemed to hear it, no one seemed to notice me so I go ahead and came in. “Oh no... no... Oh my God?? What's happening here??!!!” I was seeing several people in black, grieving, murmuring, it sounds so hopeless… Everybody looks so quiet, so depress… They seem to have very deep frustrations in their eyes, hoping that this was only a dream… a nightmare; that later or sooner someone would wake them up...
Till, I saw my mother once again… talking with one of our closest relatives, and it nothing change, it looks like everyone else... there were also tears in their eyes, seems like they still can’t believe about what happened...
then, I asked again with a very loud voice:

“What happened??” seems no one heard me again.
“Can someone tell me what’s going on now??” I started crying.
“Please… answer! What’s happening??”
“What’s going on??”
“Why are those people here??”
“Why is it you mom crying?? Why are all of you wearing black and white??”
“Is there somebody who's dead?? Tell me! PLEASE TELL ME!!! ”

I keep on shouting, screaming... I keep on crying but it seems no one can hear me… No one takes a glimpse of my existence. No one had calm me, no one had comfort me. Oh! This really sucks!

Then, I went to our visitor's room upstairs, but nothing changed… Many people are still grieving, still wondering of what happened and why it happened. But then suddenly, something got my attention… A COFFIN! yes, a coffin! I found a coffin in OUR OWN HOUSE. Oh my! What this coffin doing in our house??? Is there's really someone related to us who died??? But who and how??” My heart started to beat so fast… I cannot control my breath. Oh my God, why did you let this to happen?? Then, I intend to go near of the coffin’ but I cannot see the person inside of it… so I walk closer… closer and closer’ until...

“OH MY! IT’S ME! What the hell!!!??? it’s me who is inside the coffin??? I am dead!!!!?? Me, dead??!!!“ …… I almost break down. Trying to remember everything that happened, trying to analyze things… Until, something on my head flashed back’ A car which is broken by the fire. Am I really trapped inside the car? Oh! What I was seeing was just my hands full of blood and a man who looks like my dad who’s trying to get me out of there. I can’t remember the whole story anymore but what I know and what is clear now to me is that, I am dead! So what will happen next?? I’ll just be buried?? How about my dreams? My plans for my future?? Is it really the end of everything for me?? How can I accept this??!!! oh no... I am too young... too young for this!

I tried to escape but at last I heard a voice came from indistinguishable place…

++>“Your time is up my child”…
+> “But God…”
++>"I’m sorry... you must leave right now' I have given you enough time... enough time to do everything you supposed to do... enough time to actually LIVE…”


,,If you finally met God saying that “your time is up!” what will be the first thing that will come into your mind? THE END? Of course, it is the end of your life in this world –the end of your journey being HUMAN. What the story all about can also happen in the real life. Our time here on earth is out of our hands… God handle that time for us. So be ready! always consider your day as if it is your LAST DAY cause you will never know what is waiting for tomorrow… you will never know until IT HAPPENED. :D


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