Saturday, April 17, 2010


There is a point in our lives that we must think about the others first, before ourselves.

It happened one day that...

I've been hit by a sword and still, donated my own blood for those who also need healing. I met a broken-hearted man, and I offered him my heart just for him to feel better... I encountered people in danger, and I shared with them my strength for them to be tough. I saw children who look vulnerable, so I lend them my laughter so they’ll be alright. I met guys who lost their way, so I gave them my visions so that they'll find their way HOME. I've tasted sufferings, but I thought of others to take them far from the path which I've gone through... And at the end, I almost died just for someone to be able to continue living.

This is exaggerated, so maybe you think it's too much...
But, NO... It is not enough. Exaggerations aren't enough.

I never thought during those times that myself was also bleeding, I was also dying... While I was giving them all I've got in order to survive, I forgot that I am also human who also deserves living. I considered for so long that being a HERO of others is same thing as being a HERO of myself... So I focused on their needs, their happiness before my own... I based my fulfillment on the people around me till I lose almost everything... even my identity.

Till then... Finally, somebody told me:

"You've been a HERO of many people, but...
Have you ever been a HERO of YOURSELF?"


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