Sunday, May 23, 2010


I might failed to be what a daughter must be,
but I'd let myself to suffer just to have the definition of a so called "FAMILY".

I spent my youth days, my angels...
to find a family figure, 'cause in the future,
I want you to have the better lives than me...
I want you to LIVE far from my destiny.

Every child deserves a FAMILY,
And in this point, being a provider has its own opposition
from being a MOTHER...
I want to be on both characters...
but above all, I WANT TO BE A MOTHER.

You are the corrections for my frustrations,
through YOU... I know, my time isn't yet over at my disappointments
'cause still, I could do some changes in my life,
because I have my angels, because I am a mother.

My angels, If time will come that your strength is being tempted,
don't be afraid to show me your tears...
I will not listen to others' predicament,
I am more than willing to LISTEN to YOUR words...
I will kill your sufferings.

In my arms, I'll make sure that you are always safe,
that no eyes can ever judge your worst,
no mouth can kill your confidence,
no heart can fade your encouragements,
and no feet can step on your humanity...
I will NEVER give anyone the power to destroy your totality.

~how I wish that someday, I will be given an opportunity to say this to my angels...
to let them know how much I want them to be happy,
that in my fate, I want them to be free.

I will always endure in my heart what a mother told me during my nights,

"After all that happened in your life,
when you became a parent, YOU WILL BE THE BEST!"

I never hoped to be the BEST, what I only wish is to take my angels out of my nightmares... 'cause they deserve a better life...

They deserve a better living... And most of all,


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