Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My own philosophies

I wrote this for my LOGIC class... ^_^

It’s been 20 years. 20 long years of my existence, and within these 20 years of my journey, I have already encountered different people with different beliefs, cultures, and principles in life. I met those people whom suddenly, became a part of my life. And despite of our individuality as persons, we are still in line of being a so called “human”, and being just a HUMAN, we may not be perfect based on the standards of others, but by our own standards, we may be.

I don’t adapt the cultures, beliefs and principles of others, but I do RESPECT them, and accept the fact that even if we are in the same line being just a person, but our capacity to think and to interpret things is different, that two persons may see one thing differently, so somehow, to be able to reach out for one self’s mentality and interpretations regarding with his beliefs, we must learn how to fly or swim in life. It might be possible that I’ve been influenced by my environment, governed by reason, guided by faith, and nurtured by love, but it will always be by my choice that may formulate me.

I consider my family like a HOME that sometimes, I must go out, that somehow, I must let go just for the sake of growing up, but at the end of the day, I will still come back home. Just like a family, sometimes, it’s coming into my life that I must go out to make a life, to create a living, but at the end, they will always be a part of me, and at the end, they will always be my HOME. In every relationship such as family, I always accept every relation not as a responsibility but as a commitment. And in every commitment, there will always be the making of life, because… life is not only all about oneself to create his identity, but it is more on helping each other to create their own selves or mark in this so called journey. Through my observations, I became aware that many people are so much longing for changes, because maybe, they hope that it is the key for a prosperous living, and in this case, I don’t want just to witness the changes, but I also want to be a part of it. I can see myself after another 20 years from now as a successful married woman, and in order to meet success, I must go out of the box and work for it. But yet, every price that I may earn by my efforts, just like money, is not the measurement of success, because somehow, it is only the measurement of hard work.

Wisdom and knowledge have a sheer difference, because wisdom came from God and knowledge came from man. In this point, I can say that knowledge can mislead oneself, because there are things in this world that our mind can absorb or adapt but yet full of lies, and there are things that cannot be understood by the capacity of man’s mentality but yet, are the facts. In this case, life teaches us not to lean on our own understanding as persons, and it also reminds us that even science has failed to give the explanations behind everything, such as the reason why a man can only have one life to live.

Despite of others’ different philosophies in life, I have chosen to hold on with my own philosophies, because of the perception that, it is the experiences that mold oneself, and it is oneself that mold his own reality.

In addition, I can see myself “like this” after 20 years, that though, I am much contented in life, but still, I am looking forward for a brighter tomorrow for the up coming generations. I’m hoping to see my children and particularly their family to experience the best in this world, more than those I have experienced.


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